On Friday, Automobile Consulting Services, LLC donated a 15 passenger van to the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Colorado River. This huge donation will help the club as they move ahead with even more locations.

Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Autumn Boyle-Robinson said: "WE ARE SO BLESSED TO LIVE IN SUCH A GIVING COMMUNITY. Thank you AUTOMOBILE CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC for our new 2017 15 passenger van!!!!! We are so excited for this amazing donation.

This van has been a goal of ours for a long time. Having 1 van to share between 3 clubs has been a challenge. With this new van, we will be able to pick up from more schools in our area and have larger field trips!! This is a wonderful tool that has been gifted to us. We can’t wait to use it!!!!

Great job Sharon Gluschenko and the staff at Automobile Consulting Services, LLC. Another reason to be a proud member of the Bullhead Area community! [website frontpage]