The Bulhead City Fire Department recently received their new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus that was purchased under the recently passed bond.

The Fire Department sent out the following press release related to that:

Press Release

BCFD Deploys New Breathing Apparatus technology from MSA

BCFD rolls out new Self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) MSA G-1 gear which features the latest technology that will help improve firefighter safety and performance. Seventy new SCBA’s were purchased with funds from the General Obligation Bond and will replace the 10-year-old outdated SCBA packs which firefighters currently use. All members were recently trained to use the new system and demonstrated proficiency before the new SCBA’s were put into service last week.

Today’s modern, synthetic construction materials burn hotter and faster, giving firefighters less time to do their life-saving job and exposing them to extremely harmful chemicals. The new SCBA MSA G-1 equipment has advanced features such as blue tooth technology and an integrated thermal imaging camera to improve communication and situational awareness while providing firefighters with the latest in respiratory protection technology.

As a department, we are thrilled to be able to add this new equipment that will improve firefighter safety and performance and will increase the safety of our citizens.

Congratulations to the BHCFD and to these brave firefighters for all they do. These advances will help them do their job safely into the future.