In the literal sense of the words Bullhead City, Arizona on the Colorado River is not an ideal place to look for greener pastures. After all, it is located on the edge of the vast Mojave Desert.

However, if you consider the term in the context of opportunity, Bullhead City is ideally suited for people in search of greener pastures. Measurable snowfall is such a rarity that it is considered an historical event. Bullhead City is centrally located. And it has a progressive business climate.

The COVID 19 pandemic sparked a seismic societal shift. Remote work became a viable option for many people. Business owners were forced to evaluate alternative options based on tax incentives and long term sustainability.

A series of studies reveal that in general business owners cite several main reasons for relocation. These include work force related issues, proximity to new and growing markets, the deisre to curtail operating costs, a need to upgrade facilities, and quality of life issues for emplyoees.

Quality of life is a difficult item to quantity. Essentially factors include educational opportunities and quality, diversity of recreational opportunities, and health care access. Climate, crime rates, and infrastructure related issues such as traffic and high speed internet access are also factors.

In general Bullhead City checks evey box. There are an array of edcuational opportunities including Mohave Community College. Health care access. High speed internet. And when evaluating operating costs in comparison to major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Phoenix or Las Vegas, Bullhead City is a bargain.

For several years Chief Executive Magazine has consistently ranked Arizona as one of the Top Ten Best States for Business. And, increasingly, the state is favorably rated for remote work opportunities. As the favorable business climate in southern California continues to decline, Arizona will remain a popular and viable option.

Exemplifying Bullhead City’s suitability for business relocation, or business expansion, is Dot Foods. In early 2020 the largest foodservice redistribution company in North America invested heavily in expansion of its operations hub. The nearly 70,000 square feet expansion represented a nearly $12 million investment.

But relocation is not without its challenges, especially if you are moving from an urban area or if you are not accustomed to life in the desert. A slower pace of life is not always easy to adjust to, especially if you are accustomed to spending hours in gridlock on the daily commute.

If you are giving though to relocation, we are hear to assist. Contact the Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce and discover the strength of networking. And, perhaps, it might be advantageous to visit for a week or so, and to discover why this desert oasis is increasingly a destination for entrepreneurs and business owners with vision.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America