The Bullhead Area has done an amazing job helping our veterans and recognizing them for all they have done. As a veteran myself, and the son of a Vietnam Veteran, it warms my heart to see our returning vets treated in such a humane way. Even to the point of celebrating them for their bravery and selflessness.

That being said, there are many, many more out there who need our help. Attached is a flyer for some training being offered in our community. It is being put on by Chaz Martinez at Southwest Behavioral & Health Services, with a goal of helping you to learn how to provide mental health first aid in our community. It will also help you to become a mentor for the veterans court.

As a mentor, you will aid veterans as they make their way through the court system. You will be trained on how to provide the help they need. Too many of our veterans return with wounds that can’t be seen until it’s too late. They served us, now let’s serve them.

Please see the flyer, and please plan on attending the training. Thank you.

John C. Pynakker, Executive Director
Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce