Tuesday is primary Election Day here in Arizona, and while the Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce can’t specifically endorse candidates, there are a couple of things we would stress that you take into account when you hit the voting booth.

This election is important at all levels, but maybe nothing is important to us locally as the Mohave County District 5 Supervisor election. We have incumbent Lois Wakimoto and challenger Ron Gould. Ms. Wakimoto is a Fort Mohave resident and has been in our community for many, many years. She has been serving as the Supervisor since being named Supervisor a little over a year ago.

Mr. Gould is a Lake Havasu resident and is a former State Senator, representing Arizona’s 3rd district.

Both candidates have been very vocal in their opinions at the numerous debates and forums throughout the area, so there is plenty of info out there on their positions on the numerous challenges facing Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley and the Topock area. Please take the time to look up their voting records and their positions on these things.

Here at the Chamber, we ask you to:

1. GET OUT AND VOTE – Historically, midterm elections like this get a decidedly poor turnout. We can’t have a poor turnout. There are too many things facing the county that could be decided by one vote, where we can chance that someone not representing the valley responsibly could cause major problems for our businesses and residents.

2. Please check out the positions of the candidates on saving our water. See who has been speaking out and attending the meetings and putting themselves in a position to make a difference and who has not.

3. Please help save the Fort Mohave/Mohave Valley Park. This is a county park and if some members of the County Board of Supervisors get their way, it will lose funding from the county and the end result could be disastrous for the park. A lot of people have done some incredible work to get this park built and operating, only to have a couple of Supervisors band together and end funding.


So please, dig into this and see how each of these two candidates would affect your area. See where they land on these topics and vote accordingly. The community needs you and your vote to secure our future.

Thank you.

John C. Pynakker, President/CEO

Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce