Every year the Colorado River Women’s Councils Leadership Class selects a class project to complete by the end of the nine month program. The project is designed to develop teamwork among the class members and to give something back to our community.

This year’s project is the Greenhouse at the Boys and Girls Club. With the help and generosity of several local businesses and individuals, the class has restored the Greenhouse with the purpose of educating and exciting children about the joys of gardening.

To celebrate the newly renovated Boys and Girls Club Greenhouse, the Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce, together with the Colorado River Women’s Council, will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony. The ceremony will take place sat the Greenhouse located behind the Boys and Girls Club on Wednesday, July 11th at 8am.

At this time, we will be recognizing the businesses and individuals of our community that helped make the 2017-2018 Leadership Class project a reality.

The public is invited and we look forward to seeing you at the ribbon cutting.

John C. Pynakker, Executive Director

Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce