Hello Chamber members. Since I became the Chamber Director, I have been working hard to secure a group Health Insurance plan for our small and medium businesses. It has been very difficult and at times we scrapped the idea due to the Insurance Companies problems with the ACA.

I am pleased to announce that we are closer than ever, but I need your help. The company that we are working with to provide low cost Health Insurance to our members needs to know what kind of reception/participation we would have. We have brought Lake Havasu and Kingman in on this as well and those additional numbers will help us to keep the premiums lower.

Therefore, it is very important that you please print out the attached survey, fill it out and return it to me by 9/21. You can scan and email it, mail it or drop it off at our office, but whatever way you choose, please fill it out and send in.

John C. Pynakker
President & CEO

Bullhead Chamber Survey.doc