Today the Academy of Building Industries invited Mohave Shred, The Mohave Valley Contractors Association, and other local businesses to view their recently finished Steam Garden. The Steam Garden was produced from a recycled school bus and cared for by the students and teachers of A.O.B.I. The Steam Garden received an award for "Green Business of The Year" for 2019 from The Laughlin Chamber of Commerce. The principle of A.O.B.I., Jean Thomas, wanted to get the children of our community involved in positive habits. She views that eating clean, recycling and gaining knowledge, will encourage the kids to do great things. While attending the Steam Garden Benefactor Lunch, Jean Thomas was presented with two large donations, from Mohave Shred and the Mohave Valley Contractors Association. These generous donations totaled out to over sixty-five hundred dollars to help to continue the growth of their garden.

The children attending the benefactor lunch seemed so eager to engage with the community, and proud to show off their hard work. Darlene Hiltner, who worked side by side with Jean Thomas to complete the project, seemed to overflow with joy for the success the Steam Garden has produced. Donations from numerous local businesses were contributed for the project such as John Pynakker from the Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce, Mohave Electric Cooperative and Home Depot. Jean Thomas strives to create an outdoor classroom for her next project. Jean wants to continue providing education at a new level!